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The DXM finally arrived. The new innovation for industrial and private on board diagnostics. Small, with a lot of performance, flexible and at a reasonable price. With the DXM within a short period of time one can create customised OBD 2 appliocations, both in soft- and hardware. The module includes the complete hardsware for OBD 2 vehicle diagnostics including the necessary protocols and the accompanying communication firmware for the comfortable connect via PC, notebook or co-processor. The connection to the evaluation complex is being provided over the TXRX interface.
Only the DXM is necessary, shuttleboard with a Sub-D bushing and RS232 electronics and the fitting PC program which turns it into a high tech diagnostics interface. It is hard to believe how easily complex OBD diagnostics can be today.


* Size compareison with a euro coin

Developing OBD2 diagnostics devices is hard?
Now you can forget this! The way there are finished industry modules for Bluetooth, GPS / GPRS and WLAN, it is now possible for OBD 2 as well. Mass production makes the price of this module very attractive as well. Developing it itself can be very expensive for a company while this industry solution is nearly available at the hardware price. It is a fully-blown interface core piece with all components which are necessary for a reading device. Only few building elements are necessary for using the device. For example, a Sub-D bushing, a RS232 level transductor plus capacitors and a Sub-D plug. The elements cost about one euro and the interface is ready for use. All currently employed OBD 2 protocols are available as well as a very good PC software support and enough place for own developments both as soft- and hardware.

Until now one had to be satisfied with quite expensive PIC or ATMEGA solutions. There were only firmware chips which lacked the fitting periphery. Today one receives a complete set for surprisingly good conditions. Low hardware and software costs and an impressive arsenal of innovative possibilities.

As an OBD 2 developer use this chance for a competitive advantage. Contact us now.

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